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The BE Learning Systems Value Proposition

We can solve your training challenges by providing creative cost effective solutions to build skills and enhance employee retention.

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Professional Enhancement

We offer a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet. Choose self-study courses you can take at your own pace or courses led by expert instructors.

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Certified Field Training

These career-focused online courses are designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional positions in-demand occupations.

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Career Enrichment

These high-quality instructor led online courses begin monthly and are comprised of twelve lessons released every Wednesday and Friday over a six­ week period.

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Take Your Career Skills to the Next Level with Benjamin Enterprises BE Learning Systems.

Welcome to BE Learning Systems!

Benjamin Enterprises Online Training programs provide valuable training solutions for employers and helps individuals to attain and enhance professional skills for career advancement.

These courses are easy-to-use and affordable with over 300 instructor led and 4000 self-study formats to choose from.

Class of the Month
Each month we feature one of our six-week professional enhancement classes at a reduced cost of $85.00.This month learn specific techniques to become more assertive in all parts of your life.

Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search
Get the job you want quickly and easily and in any economy. In this course, a world-renowned author and career advisor will help you identify the job that is best for your needs. You’ll then be given complete step-by-step instructions on how to get that job, regardless of your level of expertise or state of the economy. You will learn how to build rapport with any interviewer, both verbally and non-verbally, while mastering the six phases of a successful job interview. This motivational course will increase your confidence, help you feel great about yourself, and provide you with the foundation you need to get the job you want.Click For More Information